White Capped Pionus

White-capped pionus parrots are actually wonderful, curious, intelligent birds that can easily make excellent animals for the right people. Not everybody is well fit to care for one of these birds, especially looking at that they may live for 30 years or even more. The smallest of the eight pionus varieties, it is feisty for a pionus, yet still laid back matched up to other parrots, like Amazons, macaws, or even cockatoos.

Variety Overview
TYPICAL NAMES: White-capped pionus, white-cap pionus, white-crowned pionus, white-crowned parrot

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pionus senior citizens

ADULT SIZE: 9 to 10 inches, head to rear; considering in between 7 and also 8 ounces

LONGEVITY: 30 years

Beginning and History

The white-capped pionus is belonging to the woodlands and also woodlands of Central America as well as Mexico. Commonly, they stay in woods as well as dense development, nesting in hollow plant trunks as well as palms. Located in flocks of regarding one dozen birds, these are relaxed as well as mostly quiet animals.


White-capped pionus are recognized to be spunky as well as comical, in addition to pleasant, affectionate little bit of birds. When their owners are actually calm as well as steady, they are actually dazzling and also take well to training. These parrots flourish when given social communication and psychological excitement coming from participating in and also learning techniques.

These birds have a tendency to get timid around complete strangers. Around their owners, they as if to mingle on shoulders or arms, dance, participating in, and expecting a chance to make a video game out of swiping products like pens or switches. They often tend to get attached to a single person whom they rely on one of the most.

You are going to need to keep a close eye on this bird when it runs out the cage. It possesses a notoriously curious attributes as well as can easily get into issue if not very closely monitored.

Speech as well as Vocalizations

Like other pionus parrots, the white-capped birds possess a track record for being actually a little quieter than various other hookbill parrots and make an excellent home bird. A houseful of screaming children, howling canines, as well as blaring tvs can conveniently educate the sedate pionus to be loud.

They carry out have the ability to speak, however often clam up around those they aren’t knowledgeable about. Pionus are not the greatest talkers, but some have an excellent lexicon. Their talking vocal isn’t constantly crystal clear and also is actually usually a little bit of raspy, yet a proprietor can normally construct what their bird is actually mentioning. Commonly, they will find out a handful of easy phrases like their title, the title of individuals in our home, and also will certainly duplicate more usual sounds like whistles, murmurs, tones, as well as animal noises.

White-capped Pionus Colors and also Markings

Compared to grownups, adolescent white-capped pionus are actually run down and also ordinary appearing. As young birds, this attribute assists maintain them concealed coming from killers in the wild.

Like the label suggests, the leading of their chief is actually pure white colored with one more little white spot under their face. Fully grown adult white-capped pionus are actually primarily fresh as well as dark blue. These different colors deal with most of their scalp, neck, breast, belly, and also back. It possesses yellow-green patches on their shoulders, and also just like all pionus, red feathers on the underside of their tails.

The white-capped pionus is a monomorphic types, implying it is difficult to say to males from the women based on appeals alone. This bird calls for a genetics test or a surgical sexing technique to find out sexual activity.

Taking care of the White-capped Pionus

Cages made use of to house Amazons agree with for white-capped pionus parrots. Consider a crate that is at minimum 4 feets high and also 4 feet long by 2 feets vast. Bar spacing must be no higher 3/4-inch.

Pionus parrots might make a rasping sound when terrified or even excited, which a manager could error for a clinical condition. Pionus additionally release a musky or even sweet scent that some sitters locate distressing, yet others like.

Common Health Problems

Pionus parrots are actually at risk to fungal contaminations, natural gout (a renal contamination), and also aspergillosis, which is indicated through massive, complicated breathing. They may likewise be prone to vitamin An insufficiency.

Diet and also Nutrition

In the wild, pionus parrots consume fruits, berries, seeds, blooms, as well as corn. In bondage, white-capped pionus should be actually fed a premium seed and pellet mix, along with a range of fresh meals like bird-safe fruits and veggies. White-capped pionus passion eating corn, particularly corn on the cob, thus make certain to make it a frequent snack for these lovely birds.

Inhabiting your bird with brand-new foods is not simply nutritionally favorable, but it additionally uses crucial psychological stimulation for your feathery buddy. You can provide an unlimited quantity of pellet food; they are going to merely consume what they need to have. When it comes to new fruits and also veggies, give about a 1/8 to 1/4 mug in the early morning and also in the evening.


All pionus parrots are actually active birds and also need to have 3 to 4 hrs of workout beyond the crate on a daily basis to remain well-balanced. If you can certainly not supply outside-of-cage time, this bird will need a gigantic crate or bird sanctuary to get plenty of physical exercise.

This physical exercise ought to happen in a safe, bird-proofed region along with home windows shut, roof fans switched off, and various other in the house pets cleared away. Monitor play to see to it that your bird carries out certainly not enter into everything that might be poisonous or typically damaging. A playpen is actually suitable for outside-of-cage action. Toys can include going up ropes, establishments, bells, parrot swings, as well as timber or even various other bird toys.

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Where to Adopt or Buy a White-capped Pionus

Monitor the birds and also learn firsthand what it’s like to stay along with a white-capped pionus on a daily basis. White-capped pionus are actually typically readily available coming from bird dog breeders as well as some bird specialty retail stores. Some adoptings or saves that may possess white-capped pionus feature:

  • Birds Now
  • Use a Pet
  • Hoobly

Make certain that the dog breeder is reliable by asking all of them exactly how long they’ve been reproducing white-capped pionus parrots if you’re going the breeder option. Properly inspect a bird prior to taking it property. A healthy and balanced bird looks out, active, has vivid eyes, well-maintained plumes, as well as complete crops.

White-capped pionus parrots are attractive, curious, smart birds that can easily make great dogs for the ideal folks. The littlest of the 8 pionus varieties, it is spunky for a pionus, yet still set back contrasted to other parrots, like Amazons, macaws, or even cockatoos.

White-capped pionus are understood to be actually spirited and absurd, as well as sweet, tender little birds. White-capped pionus passion consuming corn, particularly corn on the cob, therefore produce certain to create it a routine snack food for these wonderful birds.

White-capped pionus are actually normally accessible coming from bird dog breeders and some bird specialized stores.