White-Fronted (White-Browed) Amazon Parrots

The white-fronted Amazon parrot, although medium-sized for a parrot, is the tiniest of the Amazon types. This Amazon is actually favored through bird fanatics for its size, individual, vibrant quill, and also terrific talking ability– along with its own loved one affordability.

Types Overview
TYPICAL NAMES: White-fronted Amazon parrot, white-browed Amazon parrot, spectacled amazon parrot

CLINICAL NAME: Amazona albifrons subsp.

GROWNUP SIZE: A much smaller Amazon varieties, white-fronted Amazons generally arrive at merely approximately 10 inches in size.

LONGEVITY: 50-plus years in captivity.

Origin and also History.

White-fronted Amazon parrots’ indigenous variation extends coming from Mexico to western side Costa Rica, in addition to Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and also Puerto Rico. Their favored habitation is brushy grasslands and exotic deciduous woodlands. They may stay in sets or tiny flocks of 20 to 30 birds.

The bird was first illustrated as well as sorted in 1788 through Swedish naturalist Anders Sparrman. Its own varieties are prolific in the wild.


Beautiful and also smart, a white-fronted Amazon parrot may be a delightful animal for the manager it connects to. It may be actually shy around others, its passion of active play with its manager can be actually a pleasure for others to witness.

White-fronted Amazons are certainly not well satisfied as animals for families along with little ones however might be excellent for a solitary proprietor. They are an excellent choice for managers who possess lots of additional opportunity to devote along with their bird.

Like many Amazon varieties, some white-fronted Amazons some might go via a hormonal bluffing stage as they connect with maturation. While hand-fed Amazon parrots typically produce loving, tender pet dogs, the bluffing phase may turn birds aggressive in the course of adolescence (age 4 months to 1 year), and also some proprietors can not handle it.

Speech and also Vocalizations.

Along with being actually a fantastic talker and mimic, the white-fronted Amazon parrot has a variety of vocalisms: shrieking, barking audios, deafening, harsh trills and also details, and also various other short, vigorous noises. Because it is actually a raucous bird, it is actually not suited for condo or residence compassionate near neighbors.

White-Fronted Amazon Parrot Colors and also Markings.

White-fronted Amazons are actually predominantly green along with mends of white and blue on their temples. They possess sporadic mends of light-toned blue on their stomaches and upper bodies, as well as their wings have deep blue as well as reddish sides.

The smaller white-fronted is actually a little much smaller and also darker in shade, while the Sonora white-fronted possesses even more greenish-blue in addition to the director.

Unlike the majority of various other Amazon parrots, you may visually distinguish between men and also women of this particular varieties. The female does not have the red side on its own wings.

Caring for White-Fronted Amazon Parrots.

Amazon.com parrots thrive on social communication, and also they need it to stay healthy and also satisfied. Ignored birds typically come under damaging habits designs as well as anxiety, which can easily reveal on its own in different bodily as well as psychological problems.

Allot opportunity per day for one-on-one communication with the bird, which will certainly establish as well as sustain a well-balanced connection.

Possible owners must remember that if they take on a white-fronted Amazon, they are creating a long-term devotion. These birds may reside much more than 60 years if correctly cared for, therefore taking care of one is actually not a dedication to become played around.

See to it your white-fronted Amazon parrot has a large cage. The majority of professionals encourage a cage along with at least a 2-foot through 3-foot footprint and an elevation of 3 to 5 feets. The cage ought to have adequate play devices inside, consisting of going up network like step ladders as well as ropes; these are actually acrobatic birds.

This is actually a robust bird that can do properly in secured outside aviaries. White-fronted Amazons allow a large range of temperatures, but make sure to maintain your bird defended coming from drafts. Soak your parrot frequently with hot water to keep their feathers clean and also damp.

Common Health Problems.

White-fronted Amazon parrots could be vulnerable to digestive contaminations while they are actually accustoming to a brand-new environment however are actually very durable after that. Some usual illnesses they are actually susceptible to consist of:.

Diet regimen as well as Nutrition.

In the wild, white-fronted parrots consume usually fruit products, berries, almonds, plants and seeds, corn, and some protein.

Like all Amazon parrots, white-fronted Amazons kept as pet dogs carry out best on a high-quality pelleted diet, nutritional supplemented with seed mix and also day-to-day portions of new bird-safe fruits and vegetables. Feed roughly 1/3 to 1/2 mug of pelleted food items and also 1/3 to 1/2 cup of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. A raw and varied diet is going to aid make certain that your bird maintains leading nutrition.

Physical exercise.

Amazon parrots are prone to extreme weight increase, so they need to be enabled room to exercise every day. If you prefer a white-fronted Amazon, you must be able to offer it a minimum required of 3 to 4 hrs outside of its own cage daily. This activity will certainly enable the bird to clear excess calories and extend its wings and muscles, in addition to give it along with necessary psychological stimulation.

These birds are additionally rigorous chewers and will definitely need to have plenty of toys to eat on as well as have fun with. Even supplying the bird with twigs and divisions may help transport the chewing intuition and save your household furniture from harm.

Where to Adopt or Buy a White-Fronted Amazon Parrot.

Prior to purchasing a white-fronted Amazon from a bird retail store or even dog breeders, check pet shelters as well as rescue companies. They can cost from $1,000 to $3,000 coming from a breeder. On the web sources can aim you in the right path of dog breeders or even rescues:.

  • Bird Breeders.
  • Hookbills available for sale.
  • Adopt a Pet.

If buying by means of a breeder, ensure you interview all of them, examine the general wellness of their birds, visit their residing situations, and talk with previous clients. Indicators you must prevent the dog breeder feature confined living problems, non-active birds, and also breeders that avoid your inquiries or perform not seem to be to possess much details on their birds.

The white-fronted Amazon parrot, although medium-sized for a parrot, is actually the littlest of the Amazon species. While hand-fed Amazon parrots generally produce caring, tender dogs, the bluffing stage might switch birds hostile during the course of teenage years (grow older 4 months to 1 year), and some owners can not handle it.

White-fronted Amazons allow a vast range of temperature levels, yet create sure to keep your bird secured from drafts. Like all Amazon parrots, white-fronted Amazons always kept as dogs perform best on a high-quality pelleted diet regimen, nutritional supplemented with seed mix as well as day-to-day portions of new bird-safe fruits and veggies. Before acquiring a white-fronted Amazon coming from a bird outlet or even dog breeders, examination pet homes as well as saving organizations.